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Just as foot pain is unique so are our patients!

We have lots of different types of patients who come to see us. We have people who come regularly – every 6 to 8 weeks and those who come twice a year. And then we have people who come just to get their feet in shape for their holiday.

Fiona Sunter and Associates Halifax Podiatrist - Ukulele serenadeWe love spending time with our patients (especially when they serenade us with their ukulele!). Over the years we have built up good working relationships and trust with them, so much so, our patients have become like our extended family. We love seeing the photographs of new children and grandchildren. We have in the past been the first to know about two pregnancies – before the rest of the families – needless to say that nail surgery procedures did not go ahead! We didn’t realise how long 8 months could be as we eagerly awaited the birth of the 2 children.

Our youngest patient is 2 years old and our oldest is 102 (It certainly was a privilege to hold the lady’s 100th birthday card from the Queen). As with the range of ages, the range of problems varies accordingly too. Youngsters with verucca’s, teenagers with ingrowing toe nails (although this is certainly not limited to teenagers). Sporting injuries for the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, and of course long toe nails, corns and hard skin which covers all ages.

Of course if you become one of our patients you don’t have to knit us presents or serenade us with live music, just come with a smile and you will be made very welcome.

Praise From Our Patients

Fiona, many thanks for the kindness and dedication shown towards my father.
S and S L.

To Fiona, Nicky, Barbara
Just a note to say ‘thank you to you all for all your help sorting G’s toe nail. Barbara initially for slotting him in for a ten minute appointment the same day I rang up which turned into about an hour’s appointment. Fiona and Nicky for being so relaxed about the treatment when I was stressing out thinking G would be a ‘drama’ but actually turned to be what I felt was a ‘dream patient’ and for the aftercare. Enjoy the goodies and thanks to you all again.
Love R. G.

Thank you for looking after my feet so well. I really appreciate how quickly and usefully you acted, and your kindness in doing so.
Very appreciative wishes

P.S. It’s much better now Thank you

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Happy Patients

Our patients say lovely things about us.

"Fiona and Team
I thank you once again for the level of expertise and care you afforded my daughter today. Both of us feel we have been blessed to have had the good fortune to walk through your door!
L and M.

They even love us so much they knit us presents.

Fiona Sunter and Associates - presents from patients
(That's me on the left & Nicola on the right)

It's because we make such a difference to their lives.

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